OM-System FL-700WR Flash


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Olympus FL-700WR Flash

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Powerful, Lightweight, Compact FL-700WR Electronic Flash with Wireless Radiowave Communication

The Olympus FL-700WR flash features a compact, lightweight design that makes it easy to handle for handheld shooting and a high output with a maximum guide number of 42. Supporting wireless radiowave communication, the dustproof, splashproof and freezeproof performance delivers reliability in any shooting situation.

Powerful, compact, and lightweight

A high output at a maximum guide number of 42 is achieved in a compact, lightweight body weighing approximately 303 g (body only). The angle of coverage is 24-150mm[*].

Dustproof, splashproof, freezeproof to -10℃

The FL-700WR features dustproof, splashproof, freezeproof performance to -10℃. When paired with the excellent reliability of the OM-D E-M1X, E-M1 Mark III, or E-M5 Mark III, the system can handle any scenario.

High-speed recycle time

The FL-700WR features a short charging time of approximately 1.5 seconds[1] even at full output, resulting in a short wait time and easier shooting. At 1/16 output when using 10 fps tracking sequential shooting, the flash can fire[2] for more than 50 frames.

Use as a wireless radiowave communication commander or receiver

This flash supports wireless radiowave communication. This enables stable communication even in bright outdoor conditions and in places where there are obstructions. Communication is possible up to 30 meters. The flash is equipped with both a commander and receiver.

Supports up to 3 groups, unlimited multi-flash shooting

Multi-flash unit photography is possible with up to three flash groups. An unlimited number of flash units can be connected.

Scan to detect unused channels

When used as a commander, the flash can scan to detect unused channels.

Easily adjust the output with a single hand

When used as a receiver, the flash is equipped with X-RCV (individual settings) for adjusting the sync mode and flash output settings on the flash. The dial can be operated with a single hand. This design feature makes it easy to operate even during handheld off-camera flash photography.

Product type

TTL automatically controllable flash

Maximum guide number

Approx. 42 (fiiring angle of 75mm / standard light distribution, ISO 100·m)

Firing angle

Auto / Manual Focal length: 12mm to 75mm (35mm-equivalent focal length: 24mmto 150m) / 7mm (35mm-equivalent focal length: 14mm) when using the built-in wide panel Light distribution modes: Standard / Wide[*]

The same light distribution as the standard mode when the firing angle is 12mm or less.

Flash control modes


Flash compensation

±5 EV (Increment: 1/3 EV or 1/2 EV)

Manual flash intensity

From 1/1 to 1/128 (Increment: 1/3 EV or 1/2 EV)

Flash duration

From approx. 1/20000 second (M 1/128) to 1/950 second (M 1/1)

Firing frequency[*1]

Approx. 2.5 seconds (when using AA dry-cell alkaline batteries) / Approx 1.5 seconds (when using AA NiMH batteries)

Numbers of firing[*1]

Approx. 240 times (when using AA dry-cell alkaline batteries) / Approx 280 times (when using AA NiMH batteries)


Upward: 0° straight ahead; from 0° to 90° upward

To the left / right: 0° straight ahead; from 0° to 180° left / right with lock mechanism

Built-in functions

Wide panel, Catch light plate

Radio wireless function

Control modes

Commander: Commander / Commander flash

Receiver: RCV (commander flash control) / X-RCV (receiver control flash)

Maximum communication distance[*1]

Approx. 30 m (98.4 ft.)


2.4 GHz band

Numbers of channels

15 (in the commander mode; with automatic channel setting function)

Numbers of groups

3; maximum number of unites: unlimited

Flash control modes


Optical wireless function

Control modes

RC (commander flash control) / SL MANUAL (slave manual)

Numbers of channels


Numbers of groups

4 independently controllable groups (receivers: 3; on-camera flash: 1)

Flash control modes


LED / AF illuiminator



Illumination angle

Approx. 77° (equivalent to 14mm firing angle) (35mm-equivalent focal length: 28mm)

LED illuminance

Approx. 100 lux (1/1, 1m), MANUAL (From 1/1 to 1/32 in increments of 1 EV), OFF

LED lighting duration

Approx. 1.8 hours (when using AA dry-cell alkaline batteries)[*1]

Charging completion indication

LED blinking; beeping sound

Power supply

AA alkaline dry-cell batteries x 4 / AA NiMH batteries x 4

Operable temperature / humidity[*2]

From -10 to 40℃ (14 to 104°F) / From 30 to 90%

Storage warranty temperature / humidity

From -20 to 60℃ (-4 to 140°F) / From 10 to 90%


Approx. 70.4 (W) x 106.3 (H) x 100.2 (D) mm (excluding the projecting parts)


Approx. 303 g (excluding batteries)

  • Flash stand FLST-1
  • Flash case
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