• Black Friday Camera Sales

Black Friday Camera Sales

Cyber Monday Sale is now on!

Shop from our extensive range of DSLR and mirrorless cameras to GoPros and more! It's a great time to grab a bargain from the best cameras. Check our camera sales from our huge range of brands including Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus, Fujifilm, Leica, Pentax, GoPro and more.
Be sure to get in quick as stocks are extremely low with prices being so cheap.

At Diamonds Camera our range of discounts will not surprise you, as we expect to outdo last year's Black Friday deal on a wide range of cameras and lenses.
Keep a very close eye out for slashed prices.


What Is Black Friday?

The last Thursday of November is celebrated as Thanksgiving, and the day after this celebration marks the official start of the holiday shopping season. Many people start their Christmas shopping on this day, and this spurred several companies to start offering high-level discounts, in order to entice shoppers. One of the reasons why this day is often referred to as Black Friday is because, in the year 1869, the price of gold dropped drastically, toppling the stock market.

From stores selling clothes to holiday decorations, almost every consumer product tends to go on sale on Black Friday, but the highest selling items are generally the big tickets ones such as electronics, including large screen televisions and cameras. Our Black Friday camera sale is a much awaited event of the year, because every brand is on sale and if you had been looking for a particular brand of camera, this would be the best time to pick it up. Being a genuine sale, you will be able to pick up cameras and accessories at highly discounted rates and make sure that you are ready to make new memories, this holiday season!   


What Is Cyber Monday?

This is yet another marketing term, which refers to the fourth day after Thanksgiving – Cyber Monday is actually the online equivalent of Black Friday. With the rise in online shopping and sales, it was in 2005 that Cyber Monday first came into existence and the term itself was coined by a member of the National Retail Federation. Over the years, this has become one of the biggest days in the global shopping calendar, particularly for people who prefer to shop online.

As a matter of fact, Cyber Monday has become as big, if not bigger than Black Friday, especially because there is the obvious matter of convenience of not having to step out of your home or office. If you have been thinking of picking up any big-ticket items, such as high-end cameras, then this would be the perfect time to do so. Our Cyber Monday camera sale attracts an incredible number of people because it allows them to pick up really expensive cameras, at discounted prices that might not be possible, the rest of the year.   


Black Friday Vs Cyber Monday

For most people, both Black Friday and Cyber Monday mean one thing – huge discounts on a huge range of products, including expensive electronics. However, most people are not aware of the fact that there are some differences between the two days. Some of the differences are basic, such as Black Friday is the day right after Thanksgiving, whereas Cyber Monday is three days after the same celebration. While a Black Friday camera sale will be available in the actual brick and mortar stores as well as online, the Cyber Monday sale is completely online.

What is great about Cyber Monday is that many stores, online as well as retail, drop the prices even more, as compared to the Black Friday sales. So, if you are willing to wait and take a risk, for all you know, you might be able to land an even better deal in the Cyber Monday Canon camera sale! However, if you are planning to indulge in some shopping, it would be wise to do your homework well in advance.

 When Do Black Friday Sales End?

The Black Friday sales generally start at 12.01 am on Friday and end at 11:59 pm on the Friday after Thanksgiving. However, certain stores open up at least their online sales sometime late on Thursday evening.

In stores sales tend to start as early at 7 in the morning on Friday, which is why, several people choose to camp outside their favourite stores the previous evening, so that they can ensure the earliest entry and the best deals for themselves. Retail stores often choose to stay open till midnight, unless they run out of stocks.

At Diamonds Camera, our Nikon camera sale as well as all other camera brands sale goes live as soon as Friday starts and because we know how many people wait for, we ensure that we are stocked to the brims. Our sales end as soon as the clock strikes 12 midnight! Of course, you can reap the benefits of the Cyber Monday sales as well.

 Am I Protected When I Shop On Black Friday?

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are perhaps the two days in the shopping calendar which bring most joy to shoppers all over the world. However, this is also the time when scammers and phishers are the most active. We at Diamonds Camera are extremely careful and give the privacy and security of our clients the utmost importance, which is why we suggest that our clients come directly to our website and do their Black Friday and Cyber Monday camera sale shopping.

And if you are worried about the quality of products that you purchase during these sales, you can rest assured that our quality remains the same throughout the year. It doesn’t matter whether you choose to purchase a camera during the sale or in the middle of May, because you will get the same high-end cameras and accessories at our stores. Our promise to offer only genuine products remains the same, all through the year.   

Can I Return Items I Bought On Black Friday?

Of course, you can!

If you purchase a camera or an accessory during the sale, and you are either not satisfied with it or wish to purchase something else, we will try our level best to assist you. You can return the product to us as soon as possible and we will issue a refund. Here are some of the assistance that we offer:

  • If the product is faulty or you have received the incorrect product, we will organise the return and replacement at our own expense. 

  • In case you are willing to bear the expenses of returning the unopened/unused product, we will be more than happy to issue you a full refund.

  • Since we sell only new products, if you have opened up the packaging, we might not be able to issue a full refund.

  • Drones, however, cannot be returned, especially if the packing has been opened, because once opened, there is no telling whether it has been turned on or used.

  • We also suggest that you keep all the original receipts and packing intact because those will assist you with easier returns and refunds.