Eizo CG2420 24" Coloroedge Monitor


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Let your creativity skyrocket with this professional-level model for use in photography, design, print, and post production.

It includes an integrated self calibration sensor for problem-free screen maintenance,

brilliant colors replicated to industry standards,and extremely high contrast

for producing true blacks.

  • Product Description

Automate your calibration with the sensor unit that is housed within the front bezel.

The sensing unit swings onto the screen only when adjusting, removing the requirement for a third-party calibration device.

It even runs while the display remains in portrait mode.

The broad color range of the ColorEdge CS2420 recreates nearly the whole Adobe RGB color space so images shot in Adobe RGB will be shown correctly.

Pictures of dynamic blue skies and rich green forests are replicated consistently in a manner that displays restricted to an sRGB color space can not show.

The broad color range guarantees reproduction of virtually the whole ISO-coated and United States web-coated CMYK color spaces utilized in printing.

To correctly handle color in your work, it is essential to guarantee your display maintains consistent settings.

The bundled ColorNavigator 6 software enables you to quickly perform calibration.

Just choose the preferred preset or designate values for brightness, white point, and gamma.

ColorNavigator 6 works with a large range of measurement gadgets from X-Rite, DataColor, and other makers.

The 178° broad viewing angles managed by the IPS panel technology permit two or more individuals to see the screen at the same time with little change in color or contrast.