Canon EOS R8 + 24-50mm Lens Kit


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Canon EOS R8 with 24-50mm Single Lens Kit

Key Features:
  • Compact & Lightweight Full Frame Mirrorless Camera at 461g
  • 24.2mp CMOS Full Frame Sensor
  • Incredible Low Light Performance ISO 102400 for stills and 25600 for movies. 
  • Upto 40fps Shooting and Raw Burst Shooting up to 30fps
  • Advanced Subject Tracking
  • HDR Mode for Moving Subjects
  • Focus Bracketing
  • 4K 60p (6K oversampling) Movies & Slow Motion Movies with Full HD 180p 
  • New Generation Multi-Function Shoe
  • Includes RF 24-50mm Lens

Introducing the Canon EOS R8, a groundbreaking marvel that redefines the boundaries of professional photography. Elevate your creative journey with this cutting-edge mirrorless camera, meticulously crafted to deliver unparalleled performance and stunning image quality. The EOS R8 boasts a high-resolution 24.2-megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor, coupled with the powerful DIGIC X image processor, ensuring every shot captures an astonishing level of detail and clarity. Its advanced autofocus system, featuring 1,053 AF points, guarantees lightning-fast and precise focus, even in challenging conditions.

Designed for versatility, the EOS R8 supports an expansive ISO range of 100-102,400, providing exceptional low-light performance. The camera's 4K video recording capabilities redefine the boundaries of cinematography, delivering stunning footage with dynamic range and lifelike colors. Additionally, the EOS R8 features an exhilarating 40 frames per second (fps) continuous shooting speed, allowing you to capture fast-paced action with precision and clarity.

For enhanced creative control, the EOS R8 introduces focus bracketing, enabling you to capture a series of shots with slightly varied focus points. This feature proves invaluable for macro photography and situations where precise depth of field is paramount.

Navigating the EOS R8 is a breeze with its intuitive 3.0-inch vari-angle touchscreen, allowing you to compose and review your shots with ease. The robust weather-sealed magnesium alloy body ensures durability and reliability, making the Canon EOS R8 the perfect companion for professional photographers and enthusiasts alike. Stay connected with the built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities, facilitating seamless image transfer and remote camera control. Elevate your photographic experience with the Canon EOS R8 – where innovation meets perfection.

Suitable for: Enthusiast Photographers / Travel or Sports Photography / Content Creators.

Lens mount RF mount
Image processor DIGIC X
Compatible lenses RF/RF-S lenses
(EF/EF S lenses with
Sensor size Full-frame
Effective pixels (max. approx. megapixels) 24.2
Card Slot Single slot
(UHS-II compatible)
Image quality JPEG / HEIF / RAW / C-RAW / Dual Pixel RAW
Digital tele-converter Yes
Maximum burst (approx.) Electronic 1st curtain
JPEG Large/Fine
1,000 or more
1,000 or more
Electronic shutter
JPEG Large/Fine
MP4 Recording Yes
Movie recording size 4K UHD (Fine)
Yes (6K to 4K) (60p)
Full HD
Movie cropping 4K UHD
Yes (60p)
Full HD
Yes (60p)
Video compression format ALL-I
Yes (for time-lapse movies)
IPB (Standard) / IPB (Light)
High Frame Rate movies Full HD (180p) / Full HD (120p)
Canon Log Canon Log 3
HDR movies Yes
Time-lapse movies 4K / Full HD / Retention of settings in case of auto power off before recording
HDMI output for movie footage Yes
Time code Yes
Pre-recording Yes
Built-in microphone Stereo / Audio noise reduction
Headphones Audio monitoring Yes
Digital zoom Yes
Maximum recording time per recording Normal movies
20 min.
High Frame Rate
180p 20 min.
120p 30 min.
Overheat control (in movie recording) Yes
Picture Style Yes
Clarity Yes
Auto Lighting Optimizer Yes
Highlight tone priority Yes
Long exposure noise reduction Yes
High ISO speed noise reduction Yes
Lens aberration correction (still photos/movies) Yes
Focus breathing correction (movies) Yes
AF operation One-Shot AF / AI Focus AF (still photos) /Servo AF / Movie Servo AF
AF area (AF method) Spot AF / 1-point AF / Expand AF area: Above, below, left, right / Expand AF area: Around / Flexible Zone AF 1 , 2 & 3 / Whole area AF
Focusing area Full-frame
mode 100
Horizontal: approx. 100%, Vertical: approx. 100%
mode 90
Horizontal: approx. 90%, Vertical: approx. 100%
mode 80
Horizontal: approx. 80%, Vertical: approx. 80%
mode 40
Horizontal: approx. 40%, Vertical: approx. 60%
1.6x (cropped)
mode 60
Horizontal: approx. 80%, Vertical: approx. 80%
mode 40
Horizontal: approx. 64%, Vertical: approx. 80%
No. of AF areas available for auto selection (max. zones) 1053
Focusing brightness range Still photos (center AF point, One-Shot AF, at room temperature, ISO 100)
*Except RF lenses with a Defocus Smoothing (DS) coating EV -6.5 to 21
  (using an f/1.2 lens)
  Movies (4K, center AF point, One-Shot AF, at room temperature, ISO 100, and 29.97 fps)
  EV -4.0 to 21
  (using an f/1.2 lens)
  Movies (Full HD, center AF point, One-Shot AF, at room temperature, ISO 100, and 29.97 fps)
  EV -4.5 to 21
  (using an f/1.2 lens)
Subject detection Auto / People / Animal - Dogs, Cats, Birds, Horses / Vehicles - Motorsports cars, Motorsports, Motorcycles, Aircraft, Trains / None
Limit subject to detect Yes
Eye detection Yes (Auto) / Right eye / Left eye
Left/right eye detection Yes
Whole area tracking Servo AF Yes
Available AF area modes
Whole area AF mode
Movie Servo AF setting Subject detection AF: Prioritize detection
Subject detection AF: Restrict detection
Servo AF characteristics (in still photo shooting) Yes
Orientation-linked AF point Area+pt / Pt only
Yes / Yes
Touch & drag AF settings Yes
Tap to select subject to detect
Yes (supported in all AF areas)
Relative sensitivity
Electronic full-time MF Yes
AF for close-up demos Yes
Type Electronic (EVF)
Screen size 0.39 inch
Dot count (approx.) 2.36 million dots
Electronic viewfinder refresh rate (max. fps) 119.88
Coverage (approx. %) 100
Magnification (approx. ×; 50mm lens at ∞∞, 1 dpt) 0.7
Eyepoint (approx. mm) 22
Dioptric adjustment (approx. dpt) – 4.0 to +1.0
Brightness adjustment Yes
Fine-tuning colour tone Yes
Display fading/black-out Yes
Dot count (approx.) 1.62 million dots
Screen size 3.0 inch
Brightness adjustment Yes
Angle adjustment Vari-angle
Touch-based menu magnification Yes
Display simulation Yes
Optical viewfinder simulation (view assist) Yes
Focal length display / SA variable amount Yes
Recording emphasis Yes
Aspect marker Yes
Still photo shooting mode A+/Hybrid Auto/Special scene mode/ Creative filters/ Fv /P/Tv/Av/M/B/C1/C2
Panoramic shot Yes
Movie recording mode A+/Special scene mode (HDR movie)/ Creative filters/P/Tv/Av/M/C1/C2
ISO speed (still photos) Normal: 100 to 102400
ISO expansion (max. ISO equivalent)
L: 50, H: 204800
ISO speed (normal movies) Normal
4K: 100 to 25600
Other than above: 100 to 25600
Expansion for faster speeds (max. ISO equivalent)
4K 60p
H: 51200
Other than above
H: 102400
Metering brightness range Still photos (at room temperature, ISO 100)
EV -3 to 20
Movies (at room temperature, ISO 100)
EV -1 to 20
Anti-flicker shooting (in still photo shooting) Yes
High-frequency anti flicker shooting (in still photo shooting/movie recording) Yes
False colour (in movie recording) Yes
Zebra display (in movie recording) Yes
Shutter mode Mechanical shutter
Electronic 1st-curtain
Electronic shutter
Shutter speed (sec.) Mechanical shutter
Electronic 1st-curtain
1/4000 - 30
Electronic shutter
High-speed continuous shooting +
1/8000 - 30
Other than above
1/16000 - 30
X-sync speed (sec.) Mechanical shutter
Electronic 1st-curtain
X-sync at 1/200 sec.
Electronic shutter
Durability 100,000 cycles (with electronic 1st-curtain)
Silent shutter function Yes
Shutter at shutdown Open
Focus bracketing Yes
In-camera depth compositing / Cropped depth compositing Yes
RAW Burst Mode Yes
Compatible with lens optical IS Yes
Camera in-body IS
Coordinated control
Movie digital IS Yes
Continuous shooting speed (max. approx. shots/sec.) High speed continuous shooting +
Mechanical shutter
Electronic 1st-curtain
Electronic shutter
High-speed continuous shooting
Mechanical shutter
Electronic 1st-curtain
Electronic shutter
Low-speed continuous shooting
Mechanical shutter
Electronic 1st-curtain
Electronic shutter
High-speed display Yes
Timer shooting Bulb timer / Interval timer / Movie self-timer
External flash E-TTL balance / Evaluative (Face Priority) / Continuous flash control / Continuous shooting priority mode (CSP) / Speedlite menu direct button / Quick flash group control
View from last seen Yes
Erasure of all continuous images Yes
RAW image processing Yes
RAW image processing of RAW burst images Yes
Cloud RAW image processing Yes
HEIF to JPEG conversion Yes
Batch conversion: Yes
Playback creative filters Yes
Creative Assist Yes
Frame grab from 4K movies Yes
Feature guide Yes
Quick Control screen Conventional setting screen: Yes
Still photo shooting/movie recording switch Yes
Multi-function lock Yes
Multi-function button Yes
Cross keys Yes
Main dial Yes
Quick control dial Yes
Digital terminal USB Type-C
HDMI output terminal Type D
External microphone input terminal Yes
Headphone terminal Yes
Remote control terminal E3
Multi-function shoe Yes
Battery pack LP-E17
Battery information Yes
USB Power support Charging
Powering the camera
AC power source AC-E6N / DR-E18
Number of available shots (approx., with power saving, at 23 ℃℃/73 Viewfinder
Power saving Power saving
Screen dimmer
Overheating warning Yes (icon / indicator)
Bluetooth Ver. 4.2
USB Equivalent to SuperSpeed Plus USB
(USB 3.2 Gen)
Built-in Wi Fi (wireless LAN) Equivalent to IEEE 802.11b/g/n
WPA3-Personal support Yes
Remote control shooting with BR-E1 (Bluetooth connection) Yes
Support in all drive modes
Start/stop movie recording during still photo shooting
Reduce/magnify with Movie digital zoom
Video calls/streaming (USB connection) Yes
EOS Utility (wireless LAN/USB connection) Yes
Camera Connect USB connection
Wireless LAN connection
Saving firmware upgrade files to a card
Yes /Canon Photo Upload Service (wireless LAN connection) Yes
Dimensions (approx. width ×height ×depth, based on CIPA standards) 132.5×86.1×70.0mm
Weight (approx., including battery and card) 461g
1x Canon R8 Body
1x RF 24-50mm Lens
1x Canon Rear Lens Cap
1x Canon Lens Cap
1x Canon Body Cap
1x Canon LP-E17 Battery

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