• Camera Training School

Camera Training School

Enjoy the benefits of one-on-one photography training with the personal attention of one of our professional photography trainers! Focus on exactly what you want and need out of your camera, you can even share the time with a friend at no extra charge. 

Diamonds one-on-one sessions are designed so you can learn at your pace and walk away with developed skills in whatever photographic area you'd like to grow in. This will also ensure you don't become lost in “information overload” and that you have lots of time to revisit topics that you may need further assistance in. One-on-one training is available for beginners with little to no experience, all way up to professionals that may want to refine their skills in more specific and varied areas. 
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We want you to have fun while we talk about the ins and outs of your camera gear.
That's why we hold a vast range of different events throughout the year based on the seasonal events around Adelaide.

Everything from festival walks where you can feel and capture the life of the city, to photographing native animals at our macro events, and all the way through to sleepovers under the stars at Monarto Zoo.
We'll have something to educate and entertain you throughout the year so follow us on socials and we'll keep in touch with you. 
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