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  • Diamonds Camera Review - Our Top 5 Canon Mirrorless Cameras Of 2021

Diamonds Camera Review - Our Top 5 Canon Mirrorless Cameras Of 2021

Don´t worry about the overwhelming sensation of having so much to learn; we´re here to save the day. Indeed, we went out and did the hard work for you. We tested the best Canon mirrorless cameras in the market and narrowed the list down to five.

Are you ready to purchase your future in the shape of a Canon mirrorless camera? Read on and make a wise choice!

Canon EOS R6 (Body Only)

In the world of Canon mirrorless cameras, we have many contestants to the throne, and the first one to review is the EOS R6. This is a great camera for the video enthusiasts out there. It packs a great balance of photography and video features that can help you get started on both disciplines on a single purchase. 

You can definitely exploit the HDR capabilities of the display and make amazing still shots while shooting videos. As with every Canon EOS R, though, you have to be aware of its temperature level when you record video. This can be somewhat of a challenge, but using it with care can solve the issue.

If you are a video enthusiast who also loves to take pictures and you want a camera that can work great in both fields, this might be it.

Canon EOS R5 (Body)

As much as the EOS R6 is for the enthusiast, the EOS R5 is a Canon camera aimed at seasoned photographers and professionals. This Canon mirrorless full-frame camera boasts an impressive 45MP for photographs and is capable of filming videos in 8K.

Also, the impressive dual-pixel autofocus and the ground-breaking 10-bit HDR stills make this a very powerful machine. Moreover, regardless of what discipline you devote your time to, a Canon EOS R5 can be your perfect companion.

If you are a pro looking for a superbly capable camera with a broad action field, this might be a perfect choice.

Canon EOS M50 MKII 15-45mm Single Lens Kit 

It comes as no wonder that the M50 is not only the best-selling mirrorless of all Canon cameras but also the entire US market. This entry-level-priced powerhouse holds enough features to perform most of the tasks you can possibly use a Canon EOS M on.

To begin with, the capability of filming in 4K is great for modern-time filmmakers. Also, the 24MP imaging sensor, the OLED electronic viewfinder, and the mighty eye autofocus make it a great option for photographers.

With improved battery life, wireless YouTube streaming capability, and movie self-timer, this is a great improvement on the classic M50 model.

Canon EOS R6 + 24-105mm Single Lens Kit 

We already spoke about the EOS R6 when we started talking about Canon mirrorless cameras. Now it´s time to talk about its, perhaps, perfect companion, the 24-105mm lens

To begin with, the sensor-shift stabilisation is nothing short of the industry leader and combines perfectly with this lens. Furthermore, you can indeed get some great, stable, 8EV stops. Also, the fast burst mode (selectable between 12fps and 20fps) helps you keep up with objects moving fast.

Finally, the ability to film 4K/60fps videos, and full HD, high-speed 120p, makes it an ideal combo for filmmakers who want versatility and high quality.

If you want a do-it-all camera for video and photography with superb stabilisation, this might be it.
Canon EOS RP + 24-240mm Kit

Such a powerful Canon mirrorless camera is not something you come across every day. Although it features a superzoom lens, which, by definition, will be big, the overall balance holding it is great. Moreover, the work on the lens itself is astonishing. Canon managed to make a superzoom that is actually light-weight and packs all the wonders you would expect from such a lens in a very portable, small housing. Indeed, we can say that Canon invented a new industry standard by releasing it.

That being said, it doesn´t offer the L-series build quality or stellar image quality. On the other hand, it also costs a fraction of the price and occupies less space.

If you want a superzoom camera to cover all kinds of events –from football matches to bird watching- this might be a serious choice.


Canon camera is always a synonym of great craftsmanship and superior attention to detail. These people build cameras to last! Indeed, all of the above options can be great for pursuing your photography passion in most case scenarios.

Going for a mirrorless Canon will help you save space, money and also move around with a light-weight companion. You can make no mistakes choosing any of the above.

Now go out to the field with your new mirrorless Canon and show the world the wonders of your photography talent. 

See you at the Pulitzer ceremony!