• Big Lens Day

Big Lens Day 2021

We are excited to announce that for the 12th year in a row Big Lens Day will be held on Thursday 24th of June 2021. This year brings local guest speakers and special guest speakers from interstate talking about what they do best. Topics ranging from Surf photography with Russell Ord all the way through to the dinner plate with food photography by Vueey Le.
Denis Smith will raise your excitement levels while he goes over his light painting techniques while Ian van de Wolde and Lindsay Poland will share their tips on control and using light to tell a story with your photographs through the use of flash.
Join us as we celebrate photography together with all the brands coming to one place for, what will be, a huge event.


        Ben Liew                            Colin Pearce                 Denis Smith                Ian van de Wolde           Lindsay Poland               Richard Lyons               Russell Ord                  Steve Huddy                      Vueey Le                Warwick Williams

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While the format will change slightly we are excited that we can now reach even more people by using online streaming and will still be presenting classes and presentations by industry-leading photographers while still interacting with you and bringing you the best that the camera industry has to offer.

We will be offering presentations and demonstrations this year being held at Hotel Richmond. They will be free but require you to pre-register for tickets as clearly there will be limited positions and we will need to monitor and control how many people enter and leave the store on the day.
All discounts will be applied to the Diamondscamera.com.au website for those who do not attend the store on the day as well as links to all the courses, events, and live streams. Some things being offered will be:

Please register below so you don't miss out on being notified when event spots are release and pre-notification for the specials